Thursday, March 29, 2012

City of Cards: Two Worlds

City of Cards C2.33: Here!

If this page looks larger than normal, that's because I've begun up-sizing all my comic pages for better readability. Chapter One is done, I'll finish Chapter Two this weekend. Let me know if this doesn't work for you. Once Chapter Two starts, I will also be switching to my new update schedule. I hope it doesn't confuse too many people, but it should work much better for me.

I've also begun posting edited pages and will be adding a separate archive for original pages in case anyone is curious to compare. The first edited page was a complete redraw, something I hope to avoid if possible:

C1.2v2: HERE original version: HERE

Chapter Three is coming up soon, and I want to share a panel from the first page along with a panel from the re-done Chapter One page Two:

CoC C3.1.4
CoC C1.2.4v2

Putting these two panels next to each other shows the contrast I hope to make between these two worlds. Aekahn, the district Ace and Plato live in is dark, dirty, and industrial. The Wyndham district is a clean, bright, and commercial world.

As I work on the art for the third chapter and slowly work on the refinement of the first chapter, I really hope I can build environments that have as much personality as my characters.

And yes, even though I am doing art edits, Plato gets to keep that ridiculous speed suit because I want my readers to immediately question this man's judgement about everything. If he can begin to think that this outfit is fit to wear, even for janitorial duty, then clearly he doesn't know what he's doing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

City Views

City of Cards C2.32: HERE!

First, my update schedule is going to have to change because working a full time job while trying to get this comic up to snuff while producing new material is just too physically demanding. I'm considering dropping to three updates a month. Ideally, I would update on the 12th, 20th, and 28th of the month with this blog staying on the Thursday schedule where I would continue to post process work and sketches.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

So edits are going well. I'm hoping to start putting up reworked pages as soon as Chapter Three starts going up because the sooner I'm through with the first round, I can start editing Chapter Two.

That doesn't mean I've been slacking on Chapter Three. While there are still some things I'll probably end up going back and reworking, I'm glad I've given myself time to figure out panels like this:

This is probably the happiest I've been with a cityscape layout. I hope when I get to ink it I'll really be able to make it work.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

City of Cards: 2012 Changes Part 1

City of Cards C2.31: Here!

Only four more pages to go. Once this chapter ends I'll have more announcements to make, but first there's the status of the Chapter One updates.

City of Cards Chapter 1.2 v2

Inking has started on some of the redrawn Chapter One art. One of the changes that's going to happen after Chapter Two ends is I am going to make a section on my comic's archive page for all the old pages. I know a lot of people like being able to see how art changes over time.

Other than that, I plan to stop by WonderCon this weekend. I won't be tabling and I won't be there all day, but I'm looking forward to seeing all the awesome artists that'll be there.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hittin' it Out

City of Cards C2.30: Here!

So, we're getting close to the end of Chapter Two. I've been working a lot on Chapter Three and I figure I'll probably just keep updating this blog with my process, be it panel updates for Chapter One or new sketches.

Here's just a quick glance at the way I put together about 75% of my panels.

First, I draw the background. There's actually a layer underneath this that has all my perspective guides and I lightbox over that:

Second, I add where the people will be by laying a piece of paper over the previous drawing and lightboxing:

Third, I lay the panels over each other in Manga Studio when I go to ink:


Just wanted to add I appreciate everyone that stops by and checks out my blog or reads my comic. Just so you know, you're awesome and I hope my work offers you something.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Post

City of Cards C2.29: HERE!

Making it short this week since I've been pretty sick and am currently still pretty sick. It's kinda been cutting down on my ability to... anything.

Comics worth a look that aren't mine:

Wolf Wears Wool

Spare Keys for Strange Doors

And to be Loved

Hopefully I'll have more to say next week. Stay well!