Thursday, June 28, 2012

City of Cards C3.12: HERE!


I am changing my update schedule for at least the next three-four months. Instead of weekly updates, I will update on the final Thursday of each month. Weekly blog updates will continue and probably have more process content.

The number of pages will probably stay close to the same, maybe around 3-4 pages seems reasonable, but it will all just go up on one day instead of once a week. I am doing this so that I can give each page more attention and not feel compelled to put up subpar work. Also, as has been painfully obvious, my day job workload has been wearing on me. I wish that weren't the case, but for now I have no control over that.

I hope I don't lose too many readers because of this. I truly appreciate every one of you and I am doing this so that I can give you work that I am proud of.

On a lighter note, check out Plato looking like a smug bastard in the second of my card set:

And here is an awesome piece of fanart by the amazing Astrid:

Speaking of Astrid, she'll be one of the artists at the launch of a new podcast I'm a part of.

Alright, announcing this during the daylight hours. This Saturday 9:00PM PST/12:00AM EST on G+ will be the live podcast launch of Joy Reflex. It'll be a round-table discussion hour between a group of about 6 artists of various backgrounds on the creative process. We'll be starting out with a talk on world building dealing in fantasy, realistic, and collaborative settings and anything else that feels relevant.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

City of Cards C3.11: HERE!

First off, thanks for the well wishes. You guys are always awesome.

And guess what, not only is there new comic, I have some stuff to share here as well! First, here's another panel from the three page side comic I'm working on that takes place after the events of Chapter Two and before the second half of Chapter Three:

CoC C2.5_2_3
Really, the benefit of this side story is that I can spend all the time I need to experiment with on backgrounds and details. As I go back and work on the main story this is what I want to have more of.

Next, I was playing around and finished this picture of Ace:

This was pretty fun and didn't take too long so I might go ahead and do a set with the other characters. I've also learned I really like flat colours.

I'm also still coming to terms with the influence that manga has had on my art. If you've ever heard the strong reactions people have to anything remotely manga styled you'd understand why I've spent so long trying to distance myself from that style, only to realize that my strongest influences and favorite comic works are still manga. That's because if you've ever read the works of Junji Ito, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Osama Tezuka you'd realize that good comics are good comics no matter where they came from.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

City of Cards C3.10: HERE!

For real this time, we're back on schedule.

Unfortunately I've been a bit under the weather and all so I don't really have a blog ready this week.

Take care all, next week I'll have something together.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

City of Cards C3.9: Here

Okay everyone, apparently I scheduled pages 8 and 9 to go up at the same time last week instead of just one page. I honestly can't put up a page this week without putting my buffer down to zero. I'm really sorry for this, things have been really crazy lately and I haven't been focused as much on little details as I need to be. I promise, I'll figure out a way to make up for it. Thank you.

First and foremost, I just want to say that if you have read my comic, thank you. You might not realize it, but it means a lot to me. Even if you don't care for it, simply giving it a look makes a huge difference and helps fuel me to work harder every day. So again, thanks.

Next, one of my fellow CCS classmates, Andy Christensen has been posting some amazing work on up at his site. It's a surreal post-apocalyptic comic like you've never seen before called "The Stag". Andy is an amazing artist and you won't regret giving his work a look:

The Stag Part 1 page 10