Monday, January 11, 2010

Focus on 2010

I figured I'd start this blog off with the last finished picture I did in 2009.

Here are links to the various stages of production since someone suggested I post them as well:

Pencil sketch

Initial inks

Final inks

Rejected marker tones The marker just isn't doing it for me here.

For me, this picture sums up just about everything I feel 2009 was for me artistically, good and bad, and is the perfect way to move forward into a new kick-ass way in 2010. I've got a lot planned and this means tossing out a lot of old methods I've been wanting to trash for a long time.

After finishing the current project I'm working on, which may be the last piece I do with the method I've been using for the last year, I plan on revamping a previous City of Cards piece to test a few things out. I'll hopefully start posting the results of that here over the next several months along with class work. It's about time I really step up my game.

I suppose that's what winters in Vermont are all about.