Thursday, April 26, 2012

IndiaNUH Part 1

City of Cards C3.3: HERE!

Hopefully the large number of silent/quiet pages at the beginning of this chapter help give a sense of Candy's perspective on where she is.

So this Friday I head out to Indiana to visit awesome friends and to collect my sanity. Well, that and to go to this wrestling show.

No doubt, there is nothing like seeing Chikara in person. The fact that I get to see this with some amazing friends will make this all the more an awesome time. More on this when I get back, most likely.

Also, shout out to my awesome pal Pat Barret for getting his design up on this cool new comic T-Shirt site: Comic Strip Tees

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diamonds Are The New Suit

City of Cards C3.1-2 (and opening): HERE!

Today we get our official introduction, of sorts, to Candy. Chapter Three is a long one and for the first 20 or so pages we'll be following our girl here in a district away from where the boys are.

So I noticed that page 1 went up on the 12th, which was going to be the first day of my new update schedule had I stuck with that decision. I did not, but I didn't correct the automatic update like I should have. My bad. If you missed page the last page of Chapter Two, it's the page right before the link above so just hit back and it'll take you there.

So, instead of just skipping a week or re-uploading the page I combined pages 1 and 2 into a vertical spread. Since this had kinda been my intention originally I don't mind doing this. I went through and checked so pages should go up from now on as scheduled.

I also got around to tweaking another page from Chapter One, one of the less demanding fixes:

New C1.24 versus Old C1.24

If it's at all noticeable, you'll figure out that the most consistent issue is keeping Plato on-model. It took me till I'd gotten through Chapter Two to get used to drawing him at the correct size and shape without much effort.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

City of Cards C2.35: HERE!

And with that, Chapter Two is over. Crazy. Thank you, seriously, all of you that have read my comic thus far. I hope that you continue to read as the story develops. We'll be leaving Plato and Ace for the next 23 pages but I have a lot planned in the mean time and trust me, they won't be forgotten.

Originally from this point I'd considered switching to a new update schedule, but after realizing how much of a hit that would be to me I've decided to attempt to maintain my current Thursday schedule. A page a week should be manageable even under my current work schedule. If I can, I may even attempt an occasional two-page update. I make no promises.

I plan to keep working on is the edits of Chapter One. Now, while page two had a complete revision, most of my fixes are going to be a lot more minor. Over the weekend I cleaned up page 7 which involved redrawing one panel and re-inking a few more:

New C1.7 versus Old C1.7

And, as if I don't have enough on my plate, I've started the writing/development process on the City of Cards side story I've been wanting to do ever since I started this project. It'll be a self contained medium length comic that I hope to release along side the main story starring a (eventually) recurring background character:

FB Mart Clerk Coal
 Again, thanks for everything.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dog Tired of Stuff

City of Cards C2.34: HERE!

Work last week kinda killed me so nothing special prepared this week.

Instead, I'll just mention a few more movies I've watched recently that might be worth a look:

Strictly Background - A city is not a city without the people living in it, and when making a movie that means extras. Many of the extras interviewed in this movie have been working in the industry for decades and it's really wonderful to hear their stories. I'd love to see a movie interviewing grunt workers in the comics industry like letterers and lesser known inkers and colorists and, well, maybe a graphic designer or two?

The Stuff - Took me long enough to watch this film. I love a good old fashioned 80s commentary on greed and consumerism in the form of low-budget horror effects.

Amazing Stories - Season 2 Episode 16 - Family Dog - Okay, this is a weird recommendation in that it's a specific episode of an old TV Series but this one is special to me. I have vague memories of being a kid in Wyoming and seeing this. The sound and texture of the dog food is what remained most vivid to me and seeing this cartoon again for the first time brought back a lot of memories. It also happens to be extremely well done. Spielberg could do worse than put his name on this kind of anthology/animation project again. Great talent needs to start somewhere.

From the Netflix description: "Future animation giant Brad Bird wrote and directed this classic episode about a suburban home as seen from the perspective of the family dog. Voice talents include Annie Potts and Oscar winner Mercedes McCambridge."