Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diamonds Are The New Suit

City of Cards C3.1-2 (and opening): HERE!

Today we get our official introduction, of sorts, to Candy. Chapter Three is a long one and for the first 20 or so pages we'll be following our girl here in a district away from where the boys are.

So I noticed that page 1 went up on the 12th, which was going to be the first day of my new update schedule had I stuck with that decision. I did not, but I didn't correct the automatic update like I should have. My bad. If you missed page the last page of Chapter Two, it's the page right before the link above so just hit back and it'll take you there.

So, instead of just skipping a week or re-uploading the page I combined pages 1 and 2 into a vertical spread. Since this had kinda been my intention originally I don't mind doing this. I went through and checked so pages should go up from now on as scheduled.

I also got around to tweaking another page from Chapter One, one of the less demanding fixes:

New C1.24 versus Old C1.24

If it's at all noticeable, you'll figure out that the most consistent issue is keeping Plato on-model. It took me till I'd gotten through Chapter Two to get used to drawing him at the correct size and shape without much effort.


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