Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Know What's Awesome? Sleep is Awesome.

So yeah, I slept today. A lot. And oh man, it was so good.

And here's the final one of these little character images at least until I decide to draw Alex or something:

It's Trump, and she's looking about as pensive as always I imagine her. Good times.

We've got presentations coming up and I still need to figure out how to kinda start building a website but, uh, oh well! I'm about 80% penciled on Chapter One, I've got the go ahead to start Chapter Two, and this Thursday I'm going to eat so many damned potatoes my stomach won't know what happened.

Aww yeah, Hand Turkey Time!

The only thing missing is a re-watching of the classic holiday film ThanksKilling.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poster Cover Stuff

So one of the things I've been working on is the possible cover for the first chapter of City of Cards:

We're doing crits on Monday and I know there's some stuff I want to change or get feedback on. Oh, and my name won't be on the poster like that. I just slapped that on for now.

Other than that, been working on my little image of Candy:

Other than that, I'm about 80% penciled at this point. It's kinda weird coming up to the end but I can't wait to finish. Also, wow, I watched Sailor Moon again last night after I have no idea how many years. I haven't laughed my ass off so hard in so long. Oh man, wow.

Okay, back to work. Time for tea and whatsit.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not a whole lot to post today because I haven't gotten a chance to scan anything and I'd rather focus on getting through these comic pages while I have a chance.

I haven't really read anything notable in the past week and I've been spending most of my time drawing/watching weird movies and documentaries to give me some sort of background distraction.

The guest lecturer this past week was John Brodowski and he was pretty awesome with a wicked sense of humour born out of B-Movie horror and heavy metal. I really dug his stuff because it takes pop culture notions that are already over the top and pushes it into parody by pretty much playing it straight. He also talked a bit about teaching comics which is something I just don't know if I feel a lot of drive for right now. Maybe if I were teaching adults? But it's something to consider.

So yeah, these next few weeks are going to be nuts because I'm working on a cover/poster design for my thesis presentation and I've just got a lot of work ahead of me in general. I'll try to update here if I get a chance. I like this once a week thing I've got going.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it Time for the Whimsy Bell Yet?

Okay, so I have been being productive, but it's sometimes hard to express that through blog. I've been trying to desperately figure out how to do gray tones and my thesis advisor has been fantastic about supplying me with examples. I've also been looking at Vasilis Lolos's Last Call and that's been really inspirational.

So here's a sample of some more inks/tones from page 16 of City of Cards:

I haven't added the greys to the last panel yet and there are three more panels on this page that I've started. I tend to average around 7 panels per page, getting about as low as five and as high as 11-12. Why so many? Because it would mean it'd take 60 pages to get through the first chapter and there are only so many pages of beer and ramen a person can take in one sitting. Also, I've learned that my greys print really dark.

And for something different, a platypus:

Now that we're done with this, I offer two websites for your enjoyment:


Industrial Painter

Both require sound, both will blow your mind. One is a classic, one is a classic waiting to happen. Both will probably have nothing to do with the website I'm building, but I can dream.