Saturday, November 13, 2010


Not a whole lot to post today because I haven't gotten a chance to scan anything and I'd rather focus on getting through these comic pages while I have a chance.

I haven't really read anything notable in the past week and I've been spending most of my time drawing/watching weird movies and documentaries to give me some sort of background distraction.

The guest lecturer this past week was John Brodowski and he was pretty awesome with a wicked sense of humour born out of B-Movie horror and heavy metal. I really dug his stuff because it takes pop culture notions that are already over the top and pushes it into parody by pretty much playing it straight. He also talked a bit about teaching comics which is something I just don't know if I feel a lot of drive for right now. Maybe if I were teaching adults? But it's something to consider.

So yeah, these next few weeks are going to be nuts because I'm working on a cover/poster design for my thesis presentation and I've just got a lot of work ahead of me in general. I'll try to update here if I get a chance. I like this once a week thing I've got going.


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