Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hittin' it Out

City of Cards C2.30: Here!

So, we're getting close to the end of Chapter Two. I've been working a lot on Chapter Three and I figure I'll probably just keep updating this blog with my process, be it panel updates for Chapter One or new sketches.

Here's just a quick glance at the way I put together about 75% of my panels.

First, I draw the background. There's actually a layer underneath this that has all my perspective guides and I lightbox over that:

Second, I add where the people will be by laying a piece of paper over the previous drawing and lightboxing:

Third, I lay the panels over each other in Manga Studio when I go to ink:


Just wanted to add I appreciate everyone that stops by and checks out my blog or reads my comic. Just so you know, you're awesome and I hope my work offers you something.


  1. Thanks for the insight into your page-building process. As someone who only wishes I could draw, it is always cool to see how artists work.

    1. I always enjoy hearing how other artists do their work. Sometimes I can learn from them, sometimes I'm just fascinated by all sorts of different techniques. I'm glad to know other people find this interesting!