Thursday, March 29, 2012

City of Cards: Two Worlds

City of Cards C2.33: Here!

If this page looks larger than normal, that's because I've begun up-sizing all my comic pages for better readability. Chapter One is done, I'll finish Chapter Two this weekend. Let me know if this doesn't work for you. Once Chapter Two starts, I will also be switching to my new update schedule. I hope it doesn't confuse too many people, but it should work much better for me.

I've also begun posting edited pages and will be adding a separate archive for original pages in case anyone is curious to compare. The first edited page was a complete redraw, something I hope to avoid if possible:

C1.2v2: HERE original version: HERE

Chapter Three is coming up soon, and I want to share a panel from the first page along with a panel from the re-done Chapter One page Two:

CoC C3.1.4
CoC C1.2.4v2

Putting these two panels next to each other shows the contrast I hope to make between these two worlds. Aekahn, the district Ace and Plato live in is dark, dirty, and industrial. The Wyndham district is a clean, bright, and commercial world.

As I work on the art for the third chapter and slowly work on the refinement of the first chapter, I really hope I can build environments that have as much personality as my characters.

And yes, even though I am doing art edits, Plato gets to keep that ridiculous speed suit because I want my readers to immediately question this man's judgement about everything. If he can begin to think that this outfit is fit to wear, even for janitorial duty, then clearly he doesn't know what he's doing.


  1. FYI: "original version: HERE" the Here link is not present yet.

    I like that you're not changing Plato's speed suit AND the reasoning behind that, cracks me up.

    1. Ha, thanks! Got the link up. Totally spaced that out.

      I figure if I eventually plan to take this story down much more serious paths, it's good to get a laugh in now and then.