Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ginger Nightmares and Horrible Color Choices

First off, Happy Halloween to all you folks out there. In somewhat related posting is the Ginger Monster from a dream I had a few nights back that I decided to sketch out:

I dunno, it was some kind of a demon possessed urban garden and the only thing I got a good look at was the ginger before I got out of there. It does look a lot like how I like to render my ghosts, which meant the dream was pretty cool, but this also makes me want to get back into monster design. I'm thinking I'll tackle kale next.

Also, since we're on dreams, the final page of my random dream comic. In lettuce related posting, the music I listened to while doing this piece was from Salad Fingers so there you go.

And finally, the complimentary drawing of Plato to the one I did of Ace with bonus fugly color scheme.

Seriously, it's like all the worst parts of a 70s living room decided to throw themselves at him to see what would stick. I know he's supposed to have terrible, terrible taste in outfits but I'm just eternally grateful that City of Cards is being done in gray scale so I don't have to look at that orange more than I have to. No offense to orange. Some of my favorite snacks are orange.

Next time will be Candy. She has good taste in color, thankfully.


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