Monday, October 18, 2010

CoC Chapter 1 Progress Report and Peep Show

Whoa, updating in a timely manner? It's happening!

For the next few weeks I'll post the strangeness that is my four page dream comic. I gave myself a couple of criteria in order to loosen up my art, practice working with a tablet, get used to large area of blacks, and to get something done FAST. All this doesn't make for oh wow beautifully perfect art, but it is a good challenge for me.

So yeah, each panel I set a loop of a moody song that lasts about ten minutes and had to finish each panel by the end of that song straight in digital inks. Some ran a tiny bit over, several I didn't even get to the limit, so it evened out.

I'm also gonna give a bump to the pinup calender I did a piece in because all the girls involved are amazing and deserve promotion. This is the piece I did:

We all drew names out of a hat and I got to draw the lovely Mia for the month of September. Yes, that is a crab smoking a cigarette. Lena Chandhok did a fantastic job with the cover and layout work and she was co-editor with Nomi Kane. Here's a list of all the contributors aside from myself, note that Betsey who drew me does not have a website yet: Lena Chandhok, Nomi Kane, Betsey Swardlick, Laura Terry, Holly Foltz, Melanie Gillman, Jen Vaughn, Bailey Sharp, Amelia Onorato, Beth Hetland, Colleen Frakes

Next, I've finished the thumbnails for the rest of chapter one of City of Cards and have started doing a little bit of penciling as well. I've gotten some good critiques so I'm in the process of reworking some of my pages, but also trying to keep moving forward. I've gotta say its an interesting experience especially since the parts I'm working on now are all pages centered around Ace and Plato. I've really enjoyed watching their personalities take shape and am kinda amazed at how much they've grown on me.

Also, a quick shout out to my buddy Canto for getting me reference pictures of him digging through a dumpster. Sure, he was going to do it anyway, but I live for accuracy. Seriously, the best friends in the world are the ones that'll go dumpster diving for art's sake.

Aaron Renier spoke here at CCS recently which gave me some surprising insight into how to approach my work. I found the way he feels stories gestate with him resonated a lot with me. I guess it's not always such a bad thing to forget stuff because if it doesn't stick with you then it probably doesn't matter. I think I need to be better about this approach and my massive pile of STUFF.

Speaking of stuff, I also picked up the new Cyanide and Happiness book and it's fantastic. The games at the back of the book are hilarious and I'm amazed at how funny I find some of these strips even after having read them multiple times. So yeah, if you're a fan of those guys, pick up their book. It's not for everyone, but it's my kind of humor.


  1. Mia looks fantastic! I wish all pin-up girls were as endearing as you've made her out to be. (Modern ones don't seem to be anywhere near this cute.) She must be very complimented.

    She's also an interesting contrast to the bold lines of the rest of your work.

  2. Thank you for the comment! I actually really enjoyed doing the pinup as it was a break from what I normally do and I always like a challenge.