Friday, October 22, 2010

Bigfoot Spotted in Urban Area

So while reworking some pages, I drew this. In fact, this was almost a panel in my comic, but Canto helped me figure out a better way of approaching that panel. Still, this was worth saving.

Followed by my next dream comic page:

Ugh, what a crazy, tiring, disease infested week. But still, stuff keeps moving along.

I got and finished reading Fogtown as well this week. It's definitely a book that's much better when you don't know the secrets. I mean, it's a noir crime story with a twist, that pretty much shouts "Don't spoil the mystery!". But, even though I had been spoiled I still really enjoyed it. It was dark, violent, and suspenseful and had everything you'd want out of this genre. Good read.


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