Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dream 3 and I My Attempt at Something Small and Cute

The third page of the dream comic. At least, I suppose if anything, this kind of drawing may prepare me for the ghost parts of City of Cards. I'd like them to have an intense feel to them that's different from the rest of the story.

As far as the main comic? I'm pretty much halfway done with the pencils for Chapter One right now and the feeling is almost overwhelming. It's seeing something actualized and I feel like if I slow down it'll sink in and really hit me that I'm actually doing this. I want the hurdle of the first chapter done as soon as possible because once I get to Chapter Two then I can really say I've begun.

Once I get a little further in that, I'll post some more. Till then, here's a quick color picture of Ace I drew that I'll probably use as a profile picture for my thesis presentation or, I dunno, a website? Sure, why not.

He pretty much only wears black and white so doing stuff with him in color is kinda weird since I'm just not used to thinking in color. I should do more of that though. Also, this is about as close as I can get to drawing something "chibi". I kinda fail at that and it doesn't really fit with the kind of art I like to do. This to me is my visual compromise.

I have Plato and Candy drawn as well so I'll get to coloring those when I get the chance. Halloween this year may not be anything exciting but I kinda want to see Paranormal Activity 2 since I liked the first one. I like a good horror film that relies a little less on ripping people apart and a little more on just making the audience feel really unsettled.

Other than that, the weather can stay as nice as it was today for the rest of the year for all I'm concerned. 70s with a slight breeze and gorgeous leaves? Uh, yeah, sounds perfect to me.


  1. I would like two tickets to the chibi gun show, please. :D