Friday, July 9, 2010

Za Fyrurry

Okay, I mentioned I had another project that I was working on? This isn't really a preview, but it certainly is related:

Recognize the characters? Dude, I'll mail you a cookie if you do. Doesn't count if you go to CCS or are in my "circle" because you guys will probably get cookies later anyway.


It's The Fury! And the Voidoid. From the Image Comics 1963 series that's seeing some crazy new light these days. For more information, check out information on Tales of the Uncanny – N-Man & Friends: A Naut Comics History, Volume 1 on Stephen R. Bissette's site and blog.

The stuff I'm working on right now won't be for Vol. 1 and I won't go into too much detail just that this is going to be a whole lot of crazy fun.

Also, check out this great interview on CBR for way more information.


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