Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So, I suffer from insomnia a fair amount. In fact, I am posting this at 2:30 in the morning because I figure if I can't sleep I should at least be productive. Woo!

A lot of times when I can't sleep, I grab my brush and ink or if I'm not certain of my capacity to not spill ink everywhere I grab my brush pen and do some quick ink sketches. Nine times out of ten I draw backgrounds/environments because being able to slap down lines is pretty relaxing. Here's a few from tonight.

This also gives me a chance to loosen up my inks and lines which is something I desperately need to get better at. It's also why I love urban environments so much, well, one of the reasons I love them. When you make them messy, they feel more real and familiar. Sure, I love drawing trees and foliage, but finding the organic quality of rust and steel and asphalt is damn fun too.

I head back to LA on Thursday sooo, uhh, I have no idea. I'll be able to upload from there but I have no idea what I'll be posting. Hooray!


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