Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trumped Sketches

Just a couple of pictures of Trump today. I've been kinda out of it this past week with way too many trips to the doctor and not as much energy as I'd like. The guy that drew my blood really did a number on my arm and I'm kinda fascinated by the result. That, and Pizza Hut delivered to my cardiologist while I was in the waiting room so at least it's been a somewhat entertaining week.

So first, a picture of Trump probably hallucinating and talking to Benny the Badger in the forest in her mind:

And then a quick sketch of Trump and a "ghost":

She has a much different relationship to the "ghosts" than her brother.

Not much else right now, but I picked up the first volume of Jeff Smith's Rasl this week. Read it people, seriously. I'll probably post more about it later once I read the second volume.


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