Monday, July 12, 2010

CIty of Cards: Rick and Family

Today we have another City of Cards character(s) introduction! I'm kinda going in order of appearance in the story, not really on purpose though.

Also, July blog updates will be random, but I'm hoping to update at least once/twice a week. What will I update with? Who knows! But today, you get to meet Rick and his family.

Rick has no last name, yet. He DOES have a surname, that's important, it's just that I have no idea what it is yet and if he took his wife's surname which is very possible.

Just a quick ink drawing, but starting from the left we have Rick's wife Satoko, completely inspired by one of the most awesome people I've ever known, a former teacher I worked with in Japan. Ms. Sato, you are amazing. Satoko is strong, independent, and very happy being a mother to two wonderful girls. She supports her husband completely and only wants him to take care of himself.

Next in front we have Rick himself looking a bit haggard here, but all I could imagine was how Rick would react if he thought his family/home was being threatened. Let's just say, don't mess with Ma and Pa Bear. Family is everything to Rick.

The littlest member of the family is Mari. She's eight, loves Benny the Badger, and has a record for the most words uttered in a single breath in under a minute.

On the end is Ann, who is ten, and is a bit of a bookworm who takes after her father in many ways. She's very smart, sweet, and loves video games.

Rick is a father figure to Plato and works as the equivalent of a social worker/lawyer/accountant and is way underpaid and under-appreciated for what he does. However, he wouldn't do anything else. Because of the circumstances of how he took on Plato's case Rick views himself as a sort of older brother/father figure to Plato and the whole family consider Plato one of them. However, contractually, Plato is not a member of their family.

Rick is quite possibly the most honest, sincere person you could ever meet. However, because of this, he's often a nervous wreck when he can't get things to go the way he wants for the people he cares about. He's lost a bit of hair and put on a few pounds because of this, but his wife loves him anyway.


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