Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ghosts of Samsara 25-26

And we're done!

Well, it was a good test and I learned a lot from this comic so despite everything I'm happy with having done it. Seeing how my current script is going, though, GoS will probably be permanently shelved in its own little space because its continuity is just too far into the main storyline. Still, I love subways and ghosts so odds are I'll figure out a way to do this scene again and put it where it really belongs.

This fall, it really is all about the beginning. For now? Well, my next short comic project is in the works and while I was hoping to start posting it right away, for various reasons I'm having to postpone it. I'll probably start by posting some sketches and works in progress and if anything big comes up, I'll post about it here.


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