Friday, June 18, 2010

Ghosts of Samsara 15-16

I've been watching/re-watching a bunch of movies lately and I thought I'd just toss out one of my favorites:

Kairo/Pulse: The Original Japanese version because it reflects so frighteningly well on the nature of isolation in the modern age serving as a great supernatural horror film with a slight twinge of science fiction. I hate to even call it horror, though, because the kind of fear that this movie deals with isn't jump scares and boogie monsters, it's not even death, it's something worse than death and that is what's so scary. This along with the original Juon/Grudge are some of the best psychological horror films of the modern era, at least in my opinion.

So yeah, love that movie, but it's probably a good idea to go hug a friend or something afterward. Also, it's definitely a movie you want to really focus on because there's a lot of little details in the atmosphere that are key to really appreciating the movie.


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