Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ghosts of Samsara 13-14, Junji Ito

By far my favorite page in this comic for a lot of reasons. I thought about reordering things a bit when posting these pages, but I'm pretty much going for a warts and all approach to this, so even if there's stuff here that I hate/wish I could change (especially art-wise) I guess it's good to just put it out there and move on.

Still, this is my favorite page, no question. I think that it makes this whole process worthwhile when I can say I have at least a couple pages that I actually really am proud of. That said, yeah, there are definitely things I know now that I won't repeat in later comics, but at least I know so I don't end up screwing myself over later.

Comics You Should Know

Also, I should have linked this awhile ago, but I have a blog essay up at the Center for Cartoon Studies' Schulz Library Blog about Junji Ito and Uzumaki.

The you should know part is pretty much the entire essay, so no need to go into detail here.

New England weather also continues to be all sorts of crazy. I'm definitely looking forward to heading back out to LA in July.


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