Thursday, March 14, 2013

City of Cards C4.5-6: HERE!

I know I keep saying it,  but I mean it in all sincerity, this is probably my favorite chapter of this story. There are other chapters that I look forward to drawing, yes, but there are moments in this chapter that make this whole story worthwhile.

These two pages were actually a late addition. I wanted to have a moment to help set up Ace's personality outside of Plato and to show a little more of the world they live in. Ace is starting to settle into this city, make friends, and assimilate.

Also, any moments I can to put Coal (the clerk) into this story, I'll take.

Speaking of side characters, I've been working on character designs for someone that'll be showing up at the end of this chapter.

She's a pretty darn important character in this story, and minus maybe one more person the last character I need to really figure out design-wise.

I promise, in about four-five years this will all come together. Maybe sooner if I can push it a bit more.


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