Thursday, March 7, 2013

City of Cards C4.3-4: Here!

To explain Rick's job a bit better, he's basically a cross between a section manager, a social worker, and an accountant. He primarily handles kids and young adults, and his job is to help people transition from one position to another, the result of either movement within the company, new hires, and even death.

Now, he's not the only person that does this, and he's not the one that makes the decisions. He's just the guy that helps makes things go smoothly. There will be more on this next chapter, especially in how this concerns Plato. In short, though, Rick isn't his boss, more like HR Manager.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hi at my table this past weekend for Emerald City Comic Con! Seattle really brings in a friendly crowd and for my first time at the convention, it was fantastic.

I'd probably have more of a con-report up if I'd been able to do more than be at my table the entire time. That's not a bad thing, it was just simply too crazy to step away, especially with just me and my buddy doing table duty. I did see some great costumes pass by and got to catch up with some great people so that was good.

I'm definitely looking forward to a little down-time to get caught up with comic and art stuff, as well as get ready for my next temporary move. I'm currently looking to head back east for the summer, so we'll see what happens with that.


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