Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Post

City of Cards C3.39: HERE!

I can complete relate to the desire to just want to chill for a bit. Unfortunately, that is not what is the cards for me.

Also, quick congrats to Elaine M. Will on the Bleeding Cool piece about Look Straight Ahead! It's a comic you should be paying attention to, especially as she prepares for print.

So, quick update on ECCC progress:

  • 11/12 pages pencilled (thought I was finished, overlooked on page, need to consider how I want it to look)
  • 5/12 pages inked
  • 3.5 pages colored
  • Circle cutter and corner rounder purchased (thank you 50% off sales)

And man, this mini is looking different from anything I've ever done. I'm using this as an opportunity to play around with shapes and colors and abstract representations to create a different kind of feeling. I think once I have it all colored I'll make super small thumbnail previews so that people can kind of see what I'm doing.

In contrast to that madness, I finished page 3.41 and posted my process:

CoC C3.41.1 Final
I'll have a lot more to say about Xander, his home, and his family once those pages are posted, and as more of his background is revealed. Of all my characters, he and Rick are the two for whom family plays a hugely significant role in their identity. This isn't to say we might not learn more about other characters' families, but when I think of what someone's motivation for what they do is, there is no doubt for those two.

I'm going to try to write more about what I'm looking forward to and what people should check out at Emerald City, hopefully next week as things are getting close.


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