Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emerald City Prep Part One

City of Cards C3.38: HERE!

And in a weird sort of way, because of all the fiddling I've had to do to the first chapter you basically get an extra page this week (yes, an entirely new page, not one that ever existed before or contains any content that or edits of content that existed previously):

City of Cards C1.14.5-15: HERE!

I spent a good deal of time on that page, not out of any real difficulty, but simply because it just wouldn't let itself get done. I've drawn the pencil edits for pages fourteen and fifteen as well (and sixteen 'cause why not) but I just haven't had time to get to them.

To further clarify, the reason this new page needed to exist is because without it my page turns are completely out of order and the chapter is now at a convenient 32 pages, a number that divides nicely when preparing for print. It also gave me a chance to make Plato angst a bit more while hopefully showing off a bit of the city environment to help better establish it in the early pages of the book (this is something that had been mentioned in long ago critiques and I've been working to fix that ever since).

As for page C3.38, it's a bit of an odd page, trying a technique that I'll be using a lot in Chapter Five. There is a reason I'm doing it and when I get a chance to do the final updates to Chapter One it'll help tie things together. One of my goals with this comic is to create a substantial side-cast of characters and part of that is going to be making sure every time one of them shows up that they're consistent and distinguishable.

Emerald City Update:

Here's a little bit of what's going to be happening. First, Plato's wrestling backstory minicomic is coming along nicely. I finished the cover design and the first page of inks/color this weekend. Here's the cover:

CoC King of Hearts Mini
I'll be tabling with my buddy Jamie Fahlgren and you can check out her fantastic work here. She recently got an image published in the Japanese illustration magazine Small S:

Globe Girl by Jamie Fahlgren/Cloverfirefly
More updates to come as well as recommendations of people to check out and further updates about what I hope to be bringing to the show. Oh man, it's crunch time.


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