Thursday, January 24, 2013

City of Cards C3.40: HERE!

And on that sappy note, we end the boy's part of Chapter Three. There are three pages left in the chapter, bringing back one old character and introducing a family member. Things seem fairly calm right now, but I promise that the next few chapters are going to be pretty intense.

Speaking of intense, have you read Look Straight Ahead? Because you should be. Elaine will also be tabling at Emerald City this year so please, go check it out and buy copies of her work.  She is by far one of the most amazing comic artists I've discovered and deserves all the support she can get. I hope to do a proper write up on it when I have more than a few minutes to sit and write.

As far as being on schedule for the convention, I've inked most of the mini, buttons are coming along, and while I haven't been able to dedicate any more time to edits I'm almost done with the last page of Chapter Three and have sketched a character image of Candy for the backcover so that should be easy to pull together.

I've also pencilled the first four pages of Chapter Four, and am hoping to have about the first twelve or so pencilled by the convention (we'll see how things go with printing and driving and all that stuff).

So yeah, madly trying to get stuff together for ECCC. Here's a button design I did of Litwick (I've been playing a fair bit of Pokémon Black 2 as my downtime activity):

I've also drawn Lampent and Chandelure so I'll be getting those together as a set. I also want to do some lucha buttons and maybe, if I have any time left, I'll draw the Ghastly evolutions as well. It seems fitting, and I love ghosts.


  1. Hi CJ! I've been meaning to tell you how much I'm loving the story. Every time I see a little more of the world you've built, it gets more mysterious. I know there's a system of rules as work, I just know I don't know them all yet and it makes me want to learn more. Also, that last panel is so sweet, aww!

    1. Thanks Becca! The next chapter is definitely going to add a lot to the mystery and the world so I'm pretty excited for it. I'm glad to know you're still enjoying the story and I've really liked what I've seen you doing! Are you going to be doing any more comic classes this summer?

  2. Thanks! (I went to the Atlantic Center for the Arts Comic residency this fall and it was a great boost.) I'd love to take another class this summer, but I'm waiting until they get the details up on the site to make plans. Good luck getting ready for Emerald City, and keep up the good work!