Thursday, October 20, 2011

So Long SoCal, See You Seattle

City of Cards C2.6: Here!

Also, I signed up for TWC and started making incentives. Ace, Plato, and other CoC guests answer your questions about what it's like in their future in stick form: Vote Here!

Feel free to give me more questions. The more, the better, and any topic is open.

So this is my final update from SoCal. Friday I head off to my final destination, Seattle. Life is an adventure, sure, but man I could use a little comfortable consistency.

On a somewhat related note, if you've been viewing my comic on, something I totally recommend because there are a ton of awesome comics to check out there, you may have run into a 404 error on my comic. I have no idea why, possibly a cache issue, but refreshing seems to fix this issue. Beyond that, there's not much I know of to do so I made this:

Simple, to the point, if the page appears to be gone hopefully this message will pop up instead and hopefully prevent people from thinking my comic does not in fact exist.

I also really love Ace's outfit in this. Plato's is okay, but I may have to use Ace's in upcoming pencils.

Other than that, I've been doing my best to prepare for the upcoming craziness of moving again by getting as much of City of Cards inked and uploaded before I go as possible. I'm set at this point pretty much through December so hopefully during that time I'll be able to continue penciling chapter three. I really enjoy seeing where this story is going, hope you all stick around to find out as well. I have at least one other project in the works but information about that will have to come later.


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