Thursday, October 13, 2011

October! Still no ghosts...

City of Cards Chapter 2.5 HERE!

First, if any of the people that read my comic read this post, I want to say thank you. The idea that someone has taken the time to read my work means a great deal to me as I continue to make and share my work. If you look me up on G+ I'm often hanging out there and working on my comic via hangout and I'd love to chat with people.

Since this is the last we see of Xander for awhile, I'd like to say that this is probably one of my favorite panels that I have ever drawn ever:

I'm in LA right now sorting out a few details before I make my way up to Seattle. Pretty soon I will be attempting to get settled in the Pacific Northwest for at least the immediate future in the hopes of finding a job and time to keep my comic going. I'm pretty well prepared for there to be no reason for the comic to not update on time during my transition.

Quick, here are three comics you should check out:

All three are very different takes on sci-fi, fantasy stories but they're all equally worth giving a look.

Oh and hey, I have access to a scanner momentarily so I decided to get some sketching/penciling done. I still plan to get some proper October art done but I had an urge to do some quick concept designs for Plato's outfit in Chapter 3:

My thoughts are that even in the future, Reno probably gets pretty darn cold in winter and Chapter 3 takes place in early December. Oh yeah, random fact, City of Cards comic continuity begins on November 1st of the year it takes place in.

Okay then, back to inking the heck out of these pages!


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