Thursday, September 29, 2011

Road Trip 2: So Now You Know

City of Cards Chapter 2.3 HERE!

Oh Plato, even angry teenagers think you're ridiculous.

So this past week has been a bit more of a travel whirlwind. After finishing my time in Bloomington Indiana I headed up to Chicago to spend a full day with the amazing Beth Hetland. She sold me on the city, no question. Also, Chicago fans should check out Wighthouse, a great and smart comic about a man living in the haunted Chicago Harbor Lighthouse with a real attention and passion for the Windy City as well (the man and the comic).

And the best part? The pigeon warmer:

But honestly, I'd had some reservations about Chicago which were almost completely allayed. It's beautiful, surprisingly clean, has reasonable public transportation, and has a real visible dedication to the arts. Bravo Chicago.

But where am I now? After a couple more trips down the road I am currently in Park City Utah. I'd originally wanted to spend yesterday in Rawlins, WY because I'd lived there as a kid but it was all booked up. Instead I was in Laramie for the night which work out alright.

I did snap a couple of shots of the old penitentiary in Rawlins:

The best part of Wyoming, though, in my humble opinion, is the Little America rest stop. I have a stupid love for this place, but I think it can be summed up with one word: penguin. (hard to see, but there are penguins on top of all the buildings. It's AWESOME.)

What's next? I'm on my way out towards Reno and Vegas and on the LA for a bit before I end up in Seattle. Why the hell would I go to Reno you ask? Then clearly you didn't read the write up for my comic. It's the future, baby.

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  1. Love the new page and the road trip sounds awesome, happy travels!