Thursday, September 8, 2011

And So Begins the Future

City of Cards Chapter 1 Page 30: Here!

Ace may be drunk, but he's not that drunk. Plato on the other hand is probably pretty damn wasted if he doesn't notice how rank Ace probably smells. Kinda love most of the way this page turned out.

And with that the first chapter is now officially online! Oh man, now things can actually get started. This upcoming weekend is SPX so come check me out at Boom! with the amazing Lawrence Derks. It's also my last weekend in Vermont so that means A LOT of stuff happening in the next while, but it also means that it's going to be kinda difficult to get any sketches scanned. Oh well, moving can't be helped.

This week, though, I finished the pencils for Rick and Xander's profile pictures so those will get finished soon:

ALSO, if you haven't checked out I've added a links page to my comic. Please check out the amazing comics that are on there as there are a few that I haven't posted about here yet and they're really worth checking out.


  1. I love the new page (especially that last panel)! Also, hooray for SPX and good luck with all the moving craziness!

  2. @becca

    Dude, thank you so much for all your comments! I'm really glad you're enjoying the comic.