Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So This Happened

City of Cards page 29: Here!

No new sketches or anything this week because, uhh, things have been a little nuts. Aside from moving out of another apartment there was a little post Irene flooding issue that has been occupying the minds and bodies of the residents of WRJ and a large portion of Vermont.

This article on the Schulz Library Blog explains the current circumstances the best. We still need help here. To sum it up, Caitlin McGurk and all those that have been working their asses off are heroes.

Here's an article on the Comics Reporter by James Sturm from the night of the evacuation about the state of the library. And here is an updated article on the Comics Beat about the rescue effort where, uhh, you may see a photo of me grabbing books out of the back of a car in the middle of the night. While all the books are safe, the Main Street Museum is still in dire need of help. If you want to donate to help the Schulz Library, you can do so here at the Center for Cartoon Studies' website.

So yeah, I know I should be happy with having gotten any art/comic done in the past while, but it's tough. I'll hopefully have more time/energy next week to say more, you know, before SPX and my road trip. IT'S GO TIME!

And if you want something to get your mind off of all of this, read My Cardboard Life, a comic made out of cardboard and other stuff. It's really quite cool.

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  1. Holy moley, I've been afk for a few days and I had no idea! Kudos for helping to save the books and for getting the comic up despite all the craziness!