Thursday, August 25, 2011


City of Cards page 28: Here!

Finally a little more mystery with only two more pages to go.

Speaking of twists, just finished coloring this piece:

I know, what? Actually coloring something in a timely manner? Ace's black and white color palette preference makes it kinda easy, though.

Other than that, gearing up for SPX. I won't officially be tabling, but I'm planning on helping out the guys at Boom! so head on over check it out. I might get some time to wander around and help out at the CCS table as well if they're low on staff.

I'm definitely excited! I haven't been to SPX before and I can't wait to see all my bros.

Also, wanting to say something about InkOutbreak. It's a great comic aggregator that's started about a month ago and has been growing pretty steadily. I've got my site linked there if you search for it, but there's also a lot of other amazing comics up there too.

So far my favorite feature has been the archive function. Since with Ink you end up going through a lot of comics, this function allows you to bookmark your spot in a comic's archive and come back to it later. It works really smoothly. So yeah, check it out. You're likely to find something that interests you. 


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