Thursday, May 3, 2012

City of Cards C3.4: HERE!

Oh hey, look, another new character. This one totally doesn't look like another character we've been following for oh, say, two previous chapters.

Yeah, I'm not feeling subtle tonight. Work has been eating me. Expect this to be the case till after San Diego Comic Con is over.

I had an awesome weekend watching roller derby and wrestling with two amazing friends in Indiana. I felt super mid-western for a couple of days. No pictures but rest-assured, Chikara puts on an AMAZING show. If it's at all in your area, give it a look.


  1. So I'm editing my comment here -- figure I ought to actually post on your page since you made the effort to come all the way over to my page!

    As I said before, you have a great style and a great sense of storytelling. You write such wonderful dialogue, I'm totally jealous! Your wordless pages are as profound as your word pages, which is truly amazing! And I'm not big on the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, but I think you've made a really funny and sweet and thought-provoking analogy for your story. Plato in the dystopian future -- nice!

    Also, reading this blog post -- YAY midwest (you know you loved your stay) and also, I'm a bit upset that you're heading to San Diego Comic Con and I'm not. If you have any extra room in your suitcase ... ^_^

    1. Hey, wow, thanks a lot! I'm glad you've been enjoying my story as well. Dialogue is kinda my favorite thing to write so I'm glad it's coming across. I always hope that I'm making the story accessible to people so that if you aren't familiar with the classical material it's still a fun story with relatable characters. I think that's why I enjoy your story too. Your characters feel very real.