Thursday, December 1, 2011

So Long Brovember

City of Cards C2.14-15: Here!

That look on Plato's face? That's the look of a man who once knew what motivated him in life and longs to get that feeling back. Been there bro, been there. And thus concludes the cage fighting pages.

And with Brovember over, I also made a new future Q/A stick comic up at TWC so vote to see that.

So I'm back in LA, which will be my new permanent location, at least for the immediate future. More details on that hopefully later, but suffice it to say at least I'm enjoying the weather.

Finally, not something I usually do so I'm going to make this short. So apparently the Akira movie is a go*. All I can say is that in my mind Akira was born out of a post WWII Japan and it's that context that makes the books so powerful. By removing the context and changing the characters so drastically you might as well call the movie something else and you're less likely to piss everyone off.

I wish I could say I don't understand Hollywood's fear of original content, but I do. Brands create a sense of financial security. It's unfortunate that when the decision to utilize a brand is made and companies decide to minimize financial risk as much as possible, then everything that made that once coveted brand the icon it once was can be reduced and distorted. The work has already been done.

There are other issues with this movie that I know other people are touching on and I do recommend listening to what they have to say as well. It's not a new complaint, and one that will probably be made by many others much more eloquently about many other adaptations to come. Akira is personally a visual and thematic inspiration to me so what I've said does come out of a place of bias.

*Also, just to note, for me it's less about the eventual casting choices and more about the mindset behind the development of this film. I would also like to have more concrete information from different sources in the future.


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