Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Smooth Look

City of Cards C2.9: Here!

I've got another new colored image over at TWC and I admit, I had a lot of fun doing this one. Plato attempts to give Ace a wrestling lesson of sorts, but I think he's mocking him. Happy Brovember by the way!

I've got a few new things to share this week. First, thanks to the amazing work by Lindsey Boyle, I have a new main page up. I wanted to get my site prepare so that if people went to visit it and ran into mature material there'd be something before that.

I also have a new City of Cards Google + page where I am uploading process material, concept art, and I'm considering eventually setting up a VIP section where people can get access to CoC material not available anywhere else.

Second, a great piece of fanart by Jessie Boudrie of Dax fame:

Seriously, totally the pick me up I needed. Jessie is a solid dude with a great comic. If you're looking for a slightly sillier, more family oriented (though witty enough that appeals to a fairly wide audience) science fiction comic go check out his work.

One of the real blessings that's come to me through comics has been the amazing people I have met. Not just fellow cartoonists, though I have met and been inspired by many of them, but just people in general. The independent comics community is full of so many bright, positive, and genuinely helpful people. It is truly a place where what you give you get in return ten fold.

So if you've got a comic you enjoy reading, go ahead and shoot off an e-mail or leave a comment to let the artist know that you enjoy their work. The difference it can make in that person's day is staggering.


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