Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catch Me if You Can

City of Cards C2.10-11: Here!

Yup, another two pages today in which Ace does not share Plato's enthusiasm, but it actually feels kinda like something is happening. If anyone has any strong feelings one way or another about the way I do these vertical spreads let me know. Personally, I kinda like them, but we'll see. I know there's at least one horizontal spread coming up and if it works okay I may use it for another horizontal spread.

No new voting incentive this week because all of a sudden I had to hop a plan to LA early this morning and will be hopping back to Seattle this Friday and with all this running around it just isn't going to happen.

I'll also be on the road again next week moving BACK to LA indefinitely. So if you're in LA I'm all up for hanging out. Being on the road and moving like I've been for the past four or so months has made me miss seeing people a lot.

 I'm also promoting the Child's Play Charity through InkOutbreak, which is a charity I've donated to in the past personally, so go here to donate


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