Thursday, June 20, 2013

City of Cards C4.24: HERE!

But before I talk a bit more about this, I'd like to note the passing of Fantagraphics co-founder Kim Thompson. I don't think it can be underestimated the impact that he had on the comic industry, and that without Fantagraphics and the work he did there places like The Center for Cartoon Studies simply wouldn't exist. He helped build and inspire a whole generation of cartoonists and gave their work a home. I thank him for everything he's done for comics.


And here is where I step back a little bit and honestly say this is kinda where my heart breaks just a tiny bit for Ace because yeah, he doesn't trust himself.

I know I've talked to a good friend of mine about Ace's mode of operation, at least a little bit, but he's surviving on pure on instinct and intuition. I think that is part of why when he's sure about things he's sure, but everything else is a terrifying guess.

Oh, and yeah, I've started penciling my SPX mini. I'll post more updates about that as I go:

I'll be coloring this the same way I did my King of Hearts mini, except in green tones. As much as I'd love to have more done beyond this one mini, but I think I'll be pretty happy with just this.

And besides, there are going to be a LOT more awesome comics at the con that I'll start talking about in the coming weeks.


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