Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emerald City Prep

City of Cards C3.43: HERE!

And with that, Chapter Three draws to a close. Thank you with all my heart to those that have read and enjoyed my comic thus far (heck, even if you didn't really like it but gave it a shot, I thank you too).

I'm looking forward to Chapter Four, and for anyone that's been wondering if we'd be getting more world/plot stuff, you will. The thing with these first few chapters is that it's definitely setting up a big series of events. I hope people stick around to see what happens.

Speaking of big events, I've started the production part of my Emerald City preparations. After way too much trial and error I finally got my .pdfs to where I wanted them and within only minor injury, began making some minis:

I'm really happy with how this came out. It's seriously some of the best work I've done, I'm really happy with the color scheme, and I think the story reads well even if you're not familiar with my comic (and if you are, it's even better). I haven't decided how I want to handle the limited nature of this mini just yet. My plan is to release 52 copies of this book as it is and that's it.

After that, I'll probably release a grayscale version of it with first, eventual, book-printing.

But I'm also pretty darn happy with this book and it is a big chunk of Plato's backstory that I won't be covering in quite this same detail in the main comic. So, we'll see. There is a possibility of it being released in a future Kickstarter or through online donations as digital copies, but for right now the only way to get this book is in print at the various cons I'll be attending this spring/summer. Once it's gone, it's gone. No reprints.

And, because I'm a bit of a sucker and I've been teasing the guys a lot in the comic, here's the image I did for Valentine's Day:

Happy VDay 2013 from City of Cards


  1. This is so exciting! You have to tell me more about the con preparations!!! Will you just be selling the book, or do you have other merch as well? Also, are you manning the table alone, or are you bringing help?


  2. Awesome! I take it you'll be there. Are you tabling too?

    I'm table sharing with a buddy, you can see her work here:

    I have some buttons I'm working on (some I need to actually design/draw) and I got some postcards to give away. I'm hoping to get some copies of my main City of Cards chapters printed out to have available as well as the mini.

    Oh, and I will DEFINITELY set a copy aside for you. I look forward to trading!

    1. Oh unfortunately I can't be there! I'm all the way over in Minnesota, and Washington is a bit far for me! However, my comic artist Carl is in Seattle, so if I ever come and visit him, we'll definitely do a con run, the two of us.

      Your friend has some wonderful prints -- I like her style, it's very delicate.

      My comic's going to go on hiatus in the summer as I look into some local print shops, see what their rates are. But if you have an extra copy of your book after your con circuit, definitely put it somewhere so that when I do print, we can trade via snail mail. :)

  3. Good luck with that! Printing is a daunting process. For my mini and convention stuff, I'm doing most of the work myself, but eventually I want to do trade-sized collections of my chapters and that's going to be A LOT of work. I definitely want a copy of your book so one way or another, you'll be getting an order from me!

    I'm using this summer to do convention travel. I'm planning to go to CAKE in June in Chicago and I'm hoping to go to SPX in Baltimore in September. I'm hoping to fit some teaching time in between during that.

    Seattle is a bit of a trek for me (I'm in LA), but I went to college there and have a lot of friends in the area so it's worth the trip. I think it's a great place!