Thursday, December 6, 2012

City of Cards C3.32: HERE!

Yeah, okay, there's a lot I like about this page but mostly Plato's expressions. Actually, I always like Plato's expressions.

Summary of this past few days:

1) Kitchen sink not draining, water and gunk everywhere, repairs needed.

2) Burbank con thing where I met some very nice people, but was in general not at my peak communicative skill level. Also, Alpha Flag does some pretty cool stuff with color that I like.

3) Jeremy Bastian's artwork is surreal. It's the kind of art that is so beyond my comprehension that it ceases to be intimidating because it's something created by an un-duplicatable genius.

4) Massive power outage that pretty much ate Tuesday. On the plus side, I got to hear Christmas Carolers at the library while I was inking and charging my phone.

Summary of my work schedule:

1) I have so much to get done....

The online course I've been enrolled in has been interesting, though part of me is wondering if I'm doing it completely wrong. Who knows, we'll see, but at least I'm playing around with Photoshop in a way I hadn't before. Also, I hope to use the final version of this image as a special cover/print for Emerald City Comic Con:

You know, on top of everything else that I have to do. Oh yeah, and the holidays are coming. I can't promise any holiday art, but I'm a huge sucker for colored lights and excuses to draw festive stuff so we'll see what happens.

And once again, take care people. No matter what this time of year means to you, wherever you are keep warm and keep good friends close.


  1. What makes you think you're doing the course wrong? If you're learning stuff, isn't that a win?

    Summary of my work schedule: I have so much to get done. I used a page of buffer for this week ( D: ) and haven't started my week 3 homework as of this comment. I did, however, get the first page of "digital thumbnails turned roughed pencils turned reasonably clean pencils" printed out last night for touch ups and inking, which is pretty exciting. Have to do homework today though. And also the dentist. :|

    1. I didn't mean to make it sound like I wasn't glad to be taking the course or anything. I think I meant it more that I was worried that I was literally not doing the assignments correctly according to what would be helpful for the instructor/classmates to critique. It's just my weird paranoia about whether or not I followed the advice right. I think I need to make my pencils a bit cleaner and maybe fix some things in it but I'm not sure yet what might need to be changed.

      I haven't had a chance to go over the week three stuff yet at all. Thanks for commenting, though! Good luck with all your work. I also think it's super cool that your traditionally inking your stuff. I can't wait to see it. I've been really impressed by what everyone else has done.

    2. Though I also just got a nice critique this morning and that actually makes me feel a lot better. I hadn't misunderstood what the assignment as looking for.

    3. Ah, I meant the traditional inks for the Ashayta page, not the coursework! I brush-ink the pages all the time, I wouldn't be learning much (though I would probably save hours!) if I did the inks for the assignment the same way I always do. I've just moved the Ashayta thumbnail/roughs to digital, after seeing the value in being able to move stuff around without redrawing it a million times, thanks to the course.

    4. I'm definitely looking forward to the coloring part because I know that's where I'm weakest. It's very neat to see what people are coming up with and it's very cool that you're finding new ways to approach your process.