Thursday, November 1, 2012

City of Cards: C3.26: HERE!

So, there's technically no Halloween image this week because, well, I already did four creepy images this month I did a new Ace and Plato Q&A comic that you can see by voting here.

I also actually wanted to do something for November 1st (Ace's birthday/All Saints Day).

So, I present the scariest thing of all: young stupid love:

Those are Maple leaves
I'm working on some more blog posts about the comic making process so hopefully throughout this month I'll have those up.


The bulk of this post had been composed before all the events of the hurricane and I just wanted to add an additional note of well-wishing to all those out there on the East Coast (and any area affected by the storm in general). I have a lot of friends living all the way up from Connecticut, to New York, and throughout New England. One of my friends living in New York, the amazing Lena Chandhok, was fortunate to not lose power and even updated her blog during the events and you can see what she's written so far here.

Again, there are a lot of you out there and many I still haven't gotten updates from so I'm hoping you're all well and that we'll all be able to get in touch over the next several days.


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