Thursday, September 27, 2012

City of Cards C3.19-3.20: HERE!

We're back to a weekly schedule so there will be a new page next week as well.

So, because I'm in the middle of the get-my-shit-togetherathon I actually have more time to work on my art. This is actually really good for my health and sanity while I figure out what's going to happen next.

I'm also super psyched for the next few months because it means holidays which means excuses to watch horror films, draw monsters, bake, and make holiday cards for friends. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of that in the past and I really want to make it up people.

I'm also digging into the development process of the CoC side story and I'll be posting stuff for that along with the usual stuff.

So first, here's the rough for the crest I'm designing that'll be the logo for the story:

CoC BBB Crest Rough
The theme of the story is based off of the Aesop's Fable The Beasts, the Birds, and The Bats. Eventually it'll tie into the main story so I want to make sure that I really get the writing on this tight.

And I'm also starting to thumbnail Chapter Four, but before I do that I figured it was about time I start working on some new outfit designs. First up is Lily:

CoC C4 Lily Design
It just feels good to really be drawing again.


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