Thursday, June 30, 2011


City of Cards page 19: Here!

Nothing sketched up this week but I've got a few photos from my trip to the LA Zoo a couple of weeks back:

 It was an awesome day. I got to hang with my awesome buddy Ruth, the weather was gorgeous, and the animals were actually awake. That, and the sheer number of frolicking baby animals was also bonus.

By far, though, this was the best thing there:

Killer deer. How bad ass is that?

Anyway, what's next for me? Well, in one month I'll be out of my apartment and counting down the days till I'm off to Seattle, but that's also had me thinking. There's a not so secret project of mine that I've been floating around with a few people and one thing I want to do for it is to interview cartoonists as I make my way across the country. I just got myself a small video camera so that's at least step one taken care of.

I haven't plotted out my route yet, but as I do I'm going to be seeing if anyone along the way will be interested in giving me a chat and letting showcase their work. I think it'll be a great opportunity for everyone involved.

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  1. I'm still terrified of that deer. Perhaps it's speciest of me, but I am not comfortable with deer that are able to maim and eat what they kill.

    It was such an awesome day! Thank you!