Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mocca, and the City of Cards Debut

Just about a month since I last updated, but this is a big one. This weekend at Mocca I will be tabling with my buddies Canto and Andy Christensen and debuting a 16 page preview book of the first part of City of Cards.

We'll be at M2 right right next to a whole bunch of other people from CCS, students and alum, so if you're going to be there be sure to check us all out. There's a lot of amazing stuff coming, be sure of that. I'm working to get my luchadore prints done as well because I gotta spread that lucha love.

Oh, but there's one more thing. You may have noticed, if you were even able to get to this site, that there's been a lot of flux going on around here.

Today I start posting the first part of City of Cards online for people to read. Updates will be every Thursday, once a week. I'll be posting several pages over the next few days, though, for the launch and regular updates will start a week from today. Click on the link here or in the header to get to the main comic page.

And in OTHER, other news: welcome to the world little Penelope! Expect a lot of comics as birthday and Christmas gifts in the future years to come!!


  1. Loved the preview I got at MoCCA. For a story that's seemingly about a depressing situation, it seems very positive and warmhearted. That's very refreshing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. @Alan Abbadessa-Green

    Thank you so much! I checked out your blog as well and I love that you're working with the idea of synchronicity. I feel it's something that's touched my life as well and something I feel is a fascinating part of story telling.