Monday, September 20, 2010

Progress Report!

So, I haven't had a lot to post up here lately, but that's partly because I've been busy penciling my pages for October and working on another side project I'll be posting up here later.

So, what do I have to share today? First here's a snapshot I took on Friday of the ten out of twelve pages I'd started at that point:

Next, since I don't have any more pencils scanned right now I figured I'd share something a little different, it's the sketches from today's class exercise where we were given three words and told to work out a story plot in ten panels. I actually really enjoyed this process and I'll be using what I did here later:

Definitely a lesson in concise storytelling. If you can't read the final text, it says "In the end I returned home, but my heart, my hope, and who I was remained in the depths."

So yeah, part of the exercise was to take a twist on a genre and I got True Love, Adventure, and The Underworld so there's only so much Orpheus I could stick in there. Actually, when I go back to reworking one of my stories this is a pretty good outline for where I want to go. Also, I really like drawing strange demon things.

Anyway, update! And now I can get a little sleep.


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